22 March 2023
Bolivia's 2020 Election: A Socialist & Indigenous People's Victory
We can almost predict with certainty that a new hybrid war will resume in due time, and Bolivia will join Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba as the target of U.S. fixation against socialist policies. We need to be alert about any of a series of clues.
21 October 2020
The UNHRC May Be Contributing To U.S. Aggression Towards Venezuela
This is a biased politically motivated report of a dubiously independent mission that contributes to an already dangerously escalating situation where the victim is Venezuela and the perpetrator is the U.S. foreign policy.
23 September 2020
The Outcome Of The Trump-AMLO Meeting In Washington Will Be Decided At Home
In diplomatic terms, both presidents may have gotten what they were looking for but the final gain will be decided at home.
12 July 2020
Venezuela Is On The Path To Make Colonialism Obsolete
Venezuelans should revel in the fact that President Maduro has also scored an important victory. The EU bloc of countries recognised self-appointed Juan Guaido as “interim president” of Venezuela last January 2019. Nevertheless, this recent diplomatic tête-à-tête has forced Brussels to implicitly admit who the legitimate government of Venezuela is and to accept Caracas terms of negotiations. It is not clear whether the EU will rescind the latest set of “sanctions”, but that will not stop the Bolivarian process from standing up to the bullies and continuing its path to make colonialism obsolete.
06 July 2020
Is The Deep State Attempting A Hybrid War In Mexico?
The leaked document is clearly presented as a “plan of action” to oust Lopez Obrador. This would be done in two stages: first through a seemingly democratic process by winning the 2021 legislative elections, and second through a parliamentary coup that would “impeach President López Obrador by 2022”, two years before the end of his term.
26 June 2020
Canada's UNSC Loss Shows Its Foreign Policy Weaknesses & Might Embolden A Reform Movement
The international community has not given a vote of confidence to Canada's foreign policy by denying it a seat to the UNSC. That's all that the international community can do. It is now up to Canadians to demand changes to the Canadian government.
19 June 2020
Canada’s Seat At The UNSC May Be Coveted But Is Far From Being A Sure Bet
Canada is promoting its candidacy for the “Western European and Others Group” in competition with Ireland and Norway. But many Canadians strongly reject the candidacy because they believe that the government of Justin Trudeau has gained a negative reputation for its warmongering foreign policy. On the international stage, Canada has also lost its traditional peacekeeping image.
24 May 2020
The Hybrid War On Venezuela Moves To A New Stage of Aggression
Let’s put the U.S. government on the side for a moment. We know about its long-standing goal of regime change. We all know that President Trump has denied any U.S. involvement in the raid. That was to be expected but not to be believed. We would like to focus on some of the implications of this raid that come from three sources: self-appointed president Juan Guaidó and two videos with declarations from key players.
06 May 2020
A Simple Democratic Transition Framework For Venezuela: End All Sanctions
Here is an idea how the US can help a real democratic transition framework in Venezuela: end all “sanctions” unconditionally, return to Venezuela all properties seized so Venezuelans can get on with their productive lives to restart the economy, and call on the radical Venezuelan opposition to peacefully and democratically participate in the political life of the country.
04 April 2020
Cuba - An Example Of Solidarity In A Time Of Crisis
International solidarity, as a synonym of cooperation, could also be considered a pillar of foreign relations on a broader scale. What would it be like to have foreign relations between countries based on solidarity instead of hostility? Cuba shows us that it is possible.
28 March 2020
The IMF Abandons Venezuelans To The Threat Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On A Political Decision
What makes the IMF decision particularly disgraceful is the fact that the special RFI fund was set up precisely to respond to the current pandemic. Instead, the IMF made a politicised decision totally contrary to its purported intentions and Venezuela’s legitimate request.
20 March 2020
Venezuela Responds With Principled Conviction To The US' Desperate Attempts At Regime Change
To what appears to be a stepping up of US threats against Venezuela, the Venezuelan government has also stepped up its resistance. In contrast to the desperate actions for regime change by the US and its accomplices, Venezuela acts with the strength of principled conviction and optimism.
03 March 2020
Open Letter To Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Re: “Lima Group” meeting of February 20, 2020, in Gatineau, Quebec
18 February 2020
Guaido Is Ending His International Tour To Return To Venezuela To His Divided Opposition
Guaidó met with several people of the US political bureaucracy that would give him a reason to brag at home about his popularity and his cause; the cause being to overthrow Nicolas Maduro to the pleasure of the regime change proponents.
10 February 2020
Venezuela - Warning Of A New Puntofijismo Consensus
At this time, Venezuelans remember the anniversary of the revolt by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela on February 4, 1992. In a region where symbolism marks important events, that day has been declared as “Venezuela’s National Dignity Day”. We have already referred in a previous article to what aspects of Simon Bolivar’s thinking may have inspired Chávez, and we have a good idea of what were Chávez’s reasons for the revolt, but we also need to ask, what is the implication for Venezuela today, 28 years later?
04 February 2020
Open Letter To Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau
Re: Your announcement of January 26, 2020 “Interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó to visit Canada”
28 January 2020
Venezuela Must Remain Vigilant & On Guard Against US Hybrid Warfare
The jewel on the crown of all political divisions for the US strategy would have been a split between the military and the government like had happened in Bolivia. This is not the case in Venezuela. But this is not the time for Venezuelans to be relaxed.
22 January 2020
Venezuela: Leadership Of National Assembly Split Between Competing Opposition Groups
The fact remains that the political confrontation in Venezuela has escalated with the addition of a NA composed of deputies mostly representing a narrow ideological range and a board presided by unelected Juan Guaidó, and a NA composed of deputies representing several parties whose board was elected by all deputies present. “Both” national assemblies are dominated by members who are opposed to the Maduro government and would favor regime change.
09 January 2020
Cuba’s Revolutionary Beginning Started 61 Years Ago - A Personal Reflection
For me at this time of the year, it is inevitable to remember the momentous day when the protracted revolutionary process in Cuba came to fruition on January 1, 1959, marking the triumph of the Cuban Revolution with the ousting of the dictator Fulgencio Batista and the attaining of the long-overdue independence from foreign and oligarchy dominance.
29 December 2019
The US Approves Bill That May Legislate Hybrid Warfare On Venezuela
In a nutshell, we can safely say that the US government will make large amounts of US taxpayers' money available for regime change in Venezuela under the guise of “humanitarian relief” for a crisis that the US government created to start with.
20 December 2019
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