22 March 2023
A Review Of The Most Common Roles In The Alt-Media Community
The Alt-Media Community has many ways in which its members express support for various causes and countries, but the intentions behind some of their information products are sometimes regrettably misinterpreted by their fellows, hence the need to elaborate on the most common roles that folks play.
03 May 2021
What's Everything That Biden & Putin Have To Discuss?
The American and Russian Presidents have a slew of issues to discuss in the event that they meet in person sometime in the coming future like Biden proposed doing during their last phone conversation, but the most important topics on the itinerary would arguably be strategic security and peacefully resolving the conflicts in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria.
15 April 2021
What Does Turkey Want?
The speeches of the head of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, challenge the international security system, which is based primarily on the concept of peaceful coexistence. The biggest problem for Turkey along this path is the Lausanne Treaty and the ideology of Kemal Ataturk, which impede the implementation of a new variation of the Ottoman Empire from the Middle East to the Russian Crimea.
08 April 2021
Analyzing Saudi Arabia's Changing Attitude Towards Former Allies & Enemies
there is a huge possibility that the kingdom will nevertheless reconsider some of the directions of its foreign policy, given that the new US President Joe Biden and the head of the American State Department Antony Blinken began to exert tremendous pressure on Riyadh, demanding, in particular, to complete the war in Yemen.
08 April 2021
Lavrov Authoritatively Debunked The Fake News About Russian-'Israeli' Relations
Wednesday's press conference in Moscow between the Russian and “Israeli” Foreign Ministers authoritatively debunked the rampant fake news that's been virally spreading throughout the Alt-Media Community for years about the true nature of their bilateral relations, which remain excellent despite consistent efforts from some influential forces to misportray them as rivals for reasons that only such individuals can account for if publicly but politely challenged by their audience to do so.
19 March 2021
Biden's 'Greater Middle East' Peace Push Lacks Any Meaningful Progress
The reason for this is that the US refuses to learn from its mistakes contrary to its post-Trump rhetoric, which has resulted in scant progress being made in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya.
17 March 2021
Israeli Secret Nuclear Facility, Mordechai Vanunu, And Growing Tensions With Iran
For many years the nuclear programme of the state of Israel was shrouded in secrecy. Actually from the beginning of its existence in 1947, Israel never revealed their weapon arsenal, which turned out to be very dangerous, with the state‘s immense ‘hunger‘ for nuclear weapons. Although Israel is blaming Iran among other countries for having nuclear weapons, it never joined the International Atomic Energy Agency‘s Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.
01 March 2021
Shouldn't All Republicans Applaud Biden's Syria Strike?
President Biden's Thursday night strike on Eastern Syria against alleged pro-Iranian militias there surprisingly prompted some criticism from influential Republicans like Don Jr., which was unexpected because one would have thought that they'd applaud his aggression since it advances the security interests of their country's “Israeli” ally and also made it less likely that his efforts to revive the nuclear negotiations will succeed.
27 February 2021
The Astana Syrian Peace Process Is Politicized By Western Proxies
The 15th meeting of the International Syrian Summit within the framework of the ‘Astana Peace Process’ was held in Sochi, Russia on February 16-17, 2021.
18 February 2021
Balancing Regional Interests In Syria Is The Only Way Reach A Compromise Solution
Politically resolving the Hybrid War of Terror on Syria will involve difficult compromises on all sides, but this is only possible if each party acknowledges their counterparts' regional interests and Russian diplomats are able to successfully devise a creative solution for “balancing” between them as best as possible.
08 February 2021
Syria Should Talk With The US Since Its Iranian & Russian Allies Are Already Doing So
Syria must become diplomatically proactive in order to adapt to the changing regional geopolitical situation of the early Biden era during a time when both its Iranian & Russian allies are already talking with the US otherwise it'll be left out of the negotiation process and ultimately told what to do without any reliable alternative if certain issues of relevant importance are decided without its input.
07 February 2021
The Top Two Dozen Highlights From Lavrov's Review Of Russia's 2020 Foreign Policy
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov held his annual press conference last week reviewing his country's foreign policy over the preceding year, the top two dozen highlights of which are touched upon in this analysis for those who don't have the time to read the full transcript from this lengthy event.
25 January 2021
The Downfall of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Mark Rutte (right), former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, defending ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Halbe Zijlstra (left) who lied about his visit to the dacha of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
21 January 2021
What We Will Miss With The End Of The Trump Presidency
With the exit of Trump, we can expect renewed threats against North Korea and increased military action in the Middle East. We will experience not just an end to presidential condemnations of the national security state, but its further unleashing on the US people and the world. We likely will not again experience a president repudiating the US’ self-appointed role as world cop, or the US Chief Executive blasting its Middle East wars.
18 January 2021
Russian & Iranian Experts Finally Discussed Their Differences Over Syria
The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies (IRAS) published a joint report addressing their nations' differences over Syria which finally breaks the taboo about openly discussing them and will hopefully inspire more regular expert interactions on these important issues.
28 December 2020
President Assad Slaughtered Neoliberalism's Four Sacred Cows
Syrian President Assad just slaughtered neoliberalism's four sacred cows of gay marriage, radical secularism, marijuana legalization, and gender theory in a short video of his latest speech that recently went viral on social media where he condemned these examples of “total moral degeneracy” that he very passionately believes “target our humanity”.
23 December 2020
Russian Influence In The Mediterranean Is Multipolar, Not Malign
US Secretary of State Pompeo's misportrayal of Russian influence in the Mediterranean as malign is likely due to the fading unipolar hegemon's fear of the growing multipolar impact that the Eurasian Great Power is having on regional affairs, and it also very conspicuously ignores the de-facto Russian-”Israeli” alliance which voices on both sides of the partisan aisle as well as the vast majority of the Alt-Media Community feel very uncomfortable discussing for vastly different reasons.
17 December 2020
Did The Australian Media & Military Collude To Launch An Infowar Attack On Russia?
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation appears to have colluded with the Australian Defence Ministry to launch an information warfare attack on Russia under the pretext of responding to Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova's scathing comments condemning the island nation for the war crimes that Canberra itself recently concluded that its soldiers carried out in Afghanistan, which also served to mislead the Australian public and therefore violated the publicly financed media outlet's first editorial standard to “maintain [its] independence and integrity”.
01 December 2020
Syrian Foreign Minister Muallem Was A Multipolar Visionary
In order to appreciate his legacy, the reader must understand the complex circumstances in which he worked.
18 November 2020
Syria's International Conference On Refugees Is A Masterclass In Balancing
The kinetic phase of the Hybrid War of Terror on Syria has mostly drawn to a close, as evidenced by the milestone event of the country hosting an international conference on the return of refugees, which resulted in several significant outcomes that speak to the masterful execution of its “balancing” strategy and raise hope that the Arab Republic will eventually transform into the Eastern Mediterranean terminal point of China's visionary W-CPEC+ corridor across Eurasia.
12 November 2020
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