22 March 2023
Germany Is Becoming The Center Of Jihadism
15 December 2019
Germany Is Becoming The Center Of Jihadism
Since 2015, after the so-called “ refugee crisis”, the amount of Jihadists or Islamists in Germany is rising. I would like to emphasize, that this is not my own opinion, nor my own views. I am neither speaking for the so-called left or right, but merely giving they facts, according to my own findings here in Germany and the statistics from different German “Bundes Kriminal Ambt (BKA)” Agencies. The figures and the terrorist attacks and threats since 2015 have increased, the Salafist doctrine influenced the thoughts of migrants with a Muslim background in Germany, like the Turks, Syrian and Palestinians groups.

Some Islamist Groups in Germany

Ansar al-Asir (Supporters of Prisoners): a prisoners’ rights advocacy group, it is a Salafist Organization that agitates on behalf of Muslim prisoners, most of whom are jihadists and terrorists, held in Germany and abroad. The group is active among the detainees themselves, spreading their version of Islam. The group’s website provided information on prisoners and ways that readers can support their cause by putting pressure in the state and so on.

Die Wahre Religion (DWR): Ibrahim Abu Naji, one of its most prominent leaders based in Cologne (Koln), has been accused of hate speech and inciting violence. Quite a number of people in and around the group have ended up in the ranks of ISIS. In November 2016, the organization was being prohibited by law, but still exists, I presume, underground in the whole of Germany and still active.

Abu Waala Network: Led by a thirty-four-year-old Iraqi called: Abu-Walaa, whose real name is Ahmed Abdulaziz Abdullah Abdullah, this Salafist network is based around Dortmund, Hildesheim and Salzgitter in Niedersachsen and became possibly the key ISIS recruitment and operational division in Germany.

According to (BKA) information, the eldest son of the family (brother of Abu Walaa), who lives in Hildesheim, used to also have contact with the now-banned “German Islamkreis” around the hate preacher (his brother) Abu Walaa. The preacher, who comes from Iraq (with his family), is still on trial in Celle with four other alleged Islamists. They are said to have recruited young people as fighters for IS. The family was deported last November (2019), consisting of the parents, two sons, two daughters and a grandchild, so they are no longer in Berlin according to the BKA. The BKA gave no information about their new location.

Turkey announced in November that several German suspected supporters of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS) had been deported in November. However, the arrival of two women was announced to the German authorities in November. According to the BKA information, one of them is a woman born in 1998 who managed to escape from the Al-Hol prison camp in Syria, which was guarded by Kurds. The last time she was reported to be in the Turkish city of Gaziantep was in deportation custody. In addition, a Hanover native should be put on the plane. She is said to have fled towards Turkey from the Syrian prison camp Ain Issa, which has since been dissolved. These two women belong to the Abu Walaa network.

Since 2015, one million asylum seekers have arrived in Germany. Already back then, German authorities have warned the government and Chancellor Angela Merkel that asylum seekers are at risk for radicalization, especially from the already existing domestic Jihadist groups as mentioned above. Currently, the estimates are that there approximately 12.000 domestic Jihadists, but the number is much larger of course due to the influx of asylum seekers, which they argue are mainly from Syria.

However, in 2015, ISIS stole a lot of “empty” Syrian passports and documents by raiding government buildings in Syria, but also, Iraq. The documents were then sold to the “ trained” so-called rebels in refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey, so all “ nationalities” could have bought these documents and told the German Authorities that they were Syrian refugees” fleeing from the dictator Assad”.

Additionally, ISIS has reported many times (on their website) that they used migratory routes to smuggle fightersinto Germany recruited as asylum seekers (from all over the Middle East and Africa). Their trip is partly sponsored by ISIS.

Nowadays, when you are walking the street in Germany, you feel the atmosphere of the Middle East and Africa. The German feeling is gone, the “Weihnachtmarkt” is called the “Wintermarkt”. The majority of indigenous Germans live around the cities in their own safe neighborhoods, with their own private schools and still believe the refugee fairy tale where the so-called dictators and regimes persecute their own people. Also, a problem are the Islamists from the Caucasus, one of them was killed and caused the row with Russia. The Chechen terrorist killing resulted in the deportation of Russian Embassy officials from Berlin and Russia did the same with some German Embassy officials.

By Sonja van den Ende
independent journalist