22 March 2023
A Suggested Template For Dealing With Vaccine-Pushing Employers
I’ve heard a few stories from workers in the UK and elsewhere where employers are starting to broach the subject of the Covid ‘vaccines’. At present, it seems these conversations are at an early stage, perhaps just testing the water. But some employees are understandably worried they will be placed under pressure or ultimately the ‘vaccines’ become mandatory at work.
17 May 2021
COVID: The Final Frontier
We often accept even the hardest absurdity of the COVID policy because it happens to others. Only when we are forced to face all the pure nonsense of the lockdown world do we discover the next level of madness. And we can observe it clearly in the example of international travel.
16 May 2021
A Review Of The Most Common Roles In The Alt-Media Community
The Alt-Media Community has many ways in which its members express support for various causes and countries, but the intentions behind some of their information products are sometimes regrettably misinterpreted by their fellows, hence the need to elaborate on the most common roles that folks play.
03 May 2021
Deleting The Reset: The Imminent Struggle Ahead
Although many of us are aware of many of the reasons, motives, timing for the so-called Great Reset, I think Reiner’s insights and thoughts are interesting and collectively provide a more complete understanding of what’s behind it all. And perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
28 April 2021
Thinking Beyond The Great Reset To The Unthinkable
Has anyone got a conspiracy theory I can borrow, mine have all come true?
08 April 2021
Now's The Perfect Time For Global Cyberspace & Pandemic Treaties
There are a multitude of problems that require multilateral solutions which have hitherto remained unresolved due to the lack of the political will and trust that are needed to make progress on them.
02 April 2021
Biden's Grand Strategy Is Delusional And Dangerous
The Biden Administration continues to push its delusional and dangerous grand strategy, which doesn't even serve the US' own interests but just the short-term narrow ones of a certain segment of its economic and political elite.
31 March 2021
Foreign Minister Wang Yi Articulated China's New Model Of International Relations
China's new model of International Relations actually isn't all that new but is basically a revival of the world order that the UN originally envisioned since its founding but which had yet to materialize due to the Cold War and America's subsequently failed efforts to impose its unipolar hegemony.
12 March 2021
Should You Take The Covid-19 ‘Vaccine’?: Weighing Up The Evidence -- A UK Perspective
This might seem a daft question for many readers here. But for the benefit of those who’ve had family or friend discussions about the roll-out of the ‘vaccine’, it might spark a few thoughts.
06 March 2021
Biden Says That America Is Back, But That Might Be A Bad Thing
The world shouldn't celebrate President Biden's declaration that “America is back” but should tremble in fear. He doesn't mean that it's returning to the international community as an equal member, but that it's doubling down on its bad habits.
25 February 2021
Debunking Biden's Foreign Policy Reset
Trumpism is a product and reflection of the profound crisis of the US empire that Biden has inherited. It would thus be a delusion to imagine that once he is in the Oval Office, he will reinvent himself, hit a reset button, and pursue a different foreign policy.
25 February 2021
The Climate Dictatorship & The Ecoauthoritarian World
The climate dictatorship or Great Reset is trying to hook the Western world to an imaginary world where everything is ‘green‘, meaning no coal, no fossil fuels, and no nuclear power for energy, food control, which will leave the Western world with no industry, no jobs, and most of all, loss of property and income.
08 February 2021
Examining The Ethics & Implications Of Twitter's Censorship Policy In India
Twitter caused a stir by complying with the Indian government's request to temporarily “withhold” access to dozens of accounts for users within the country in response to claims that they were “inciting violence” during the ongoing farmers' protests, which prompts some very important ethical questions that have a few disturbing implications for the freedoms of speech and assembly in Western-style democracies across the world.
03 February 2021
Our Children, Lockdowns, And The Great Reset
Over recent years, I've found that relying on life experience, critical thinking and instinct has served me well. I feel I can now think on so many levels than before. Children have this in abundance which we need to learn from. But too much academic learning at an early age often means they leave school with their critical thinking abilities seriously impaired by a system designed to turn out compliant robots.
27 January 2021
China's International Development Cooperation Is A Stunning Success
One of the most significant chapters in China's newly released white paper concerns its support of developing countries' endogenous growth, which crucially contradicts the US' information warfare narrative that Beijing is laying so-called “debt traps” for its partners.
14 January 2021
Most Foreign Statements About The Capitol Hill Siege Are Just Virtue Signaling
Most statements from foreign governments about the Capitol Hill siege, with the notable exception of Russia's and China's, are just virtue signaling to their elite counterparts elsewhere across the world since average Americans on both sides of the partisan divide aren't influenced by whatever other countries' representatives say about their domestic turmoil.
08 January 2021
The Moral Dilemma Of Every Color Revolution Coup & Democratic Security Movement
The tactics employed by participants in every Color Revolution coup and “Democratic Security” movement are practically the same, with the only difference between those two being the political cause that they strive to advance, which is the primary basis upon which others subjectively determine their legitimacy and thenceforth decide whether “the ends justify the means” or not.
07 January 2021
The Future Of The Belt & Road Initiative In The Dual Circulation Era
China's new development paradigm of dual circulation is not a repudiation of its prior BRI-driven model of globalization, but is actually complementary to it. Observers shouldn't forget that many of the hundreds of billions of dollars of BRI-related loans are for long-term infrastructure investments.
11 December 2020
How To Talk To Deep State Deniers
Anti-Trump activists attempt to delegitimize any analysis of factionalism in the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”), which they outright deny has ever existed anywhere at any time in the history of the world, but this can be powerfully counteracted by sharing some ancient and contemporary historical examples which will force all but the most dishonest gaslighting deniers to acknowledge that they're wrong.
17 November 2020
Trump, COVID-19, UK Lockdowns, And The Great Reset
No matter what political side you are on, it’s important not to dismiss the likelihood that there has been an assault on democracy in the US and certainly a high probability that it’s already well underway here and elsewhere.
14 November 2020
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