22 March 2023
The Strategic Consequences Of A Possible French Military Intervention In Mozambique
A publicly available expert-level newsletter on Mozambique news reports and clippings from the middle of May predicts that France might launch a limited military intervention in northern Mozambique's Cabo Delgado Province in order to protect the offshore energy deposits of its national champion Total, which necessitates an analysis of such a move's strategic consequences if it does indeed come to pass.
19 May 2021
Negative Nationalism Is A Potent A Means Of Political Mobilization In Parts Of Europe
The concept of “negative nationalism”, or basing one's nationalism based on what they are not, is a potent means of political mobilization in Central & Eastern Europe as evidenced by countries such as Ukraine obsessing over their identity differences – whether real, imagined, or exaggerated – with Russia.
18 May 2021
A Suggested Template For Dealing With Vaccine-Pushing Employers
I’ve heard a few stories from workers in the UK and elsewhere where employers are starting to broach the subject of the Covid ‘vaccines’. At present, it seems these conversations are at an early stage, perhaps just testing the water. But some employees are understandably worried they will be placed under pressure or ultimately the ‘vaccines’ become mandatory at work.
17 May 2021
COVID: The Final Frontier
We often accept even the hardest absurdity of the COVID policy because it happens to others. Only when we are forced to face all the pure nonsense of the lockdown world do we discover the next level of madness. And we can observe it clearly in the example of international travel.
16 May 2021
Russia Warned The West Against Reviving The Supremacist Spirit Of Nazism
President Putin's speech during this year's Victory Day parade on Sunday saw the Russian leader warning the West against reviving the supremacist spirit of Nazism as he noted that certain forces are presently deploying this hateful ideology in a delusional bid to advance their geopolitical interests.
10 May 2021
A Review Of The Most Common Roles In The Alt-Media Community
The Alt-Media Community has many ways in which its members express support for various causes and countries, but the intentions behind some of their information products are sometimes regrettably misinterpreted by their fellows, hence the need to elaborate on the most common roles that folks play.
03 May 2021
The EU Parliament's Anti-Russian Resolution Is Dangerous
Russia is a major world power, and if the EU can attempt to bully it in such a dangerous way, then there's nothing stopping the bloc from doing the same to comparatively weaker countries.
30 April 2021
Deleting The Reset: The Imminent Struggle Ahead
Although many of us are aware of many of the reasons, motives, timing for the so-called Great Reset, I think Reiner’s insights and thoughts are interesting and collectively provide a more complete understanding of what’s behind it all. And perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
28 April 2021
Czechia's Deep State Is Divided Over Its Latest Russiagate Hoax
Czech President Milos Zeman's stunning revelation on Sunday that his country's counterintelligence officials never had any evidence over these past six years to implicate the two alleged GRU agents who were recently accused of involvement in an accidental munitions blast exposed Czechia's deep state divisions over its latest Russiagate hoax and raises questions about whether other NATO members' permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies are similarly divided over relations with the Eurasian Great Power.
26 April 2021
The Road To War
Western Europeans are barely getting any information about the very dangerous situation which has emerged. Similarities can be seen with WWII and the hybrid war, which are on the point of escalating into a full blown European or World War that may soon start in Ukraine.
19 April 2021
Are The British Behind Czechia's Surprise Decision To Expel Russian Diplomats?
Czechia's surprise decision to expel a whopping 18 Russian diplomats on alleged espionage pretexts reeks of British meddling behind the scenes.
18 April 2021
The New Russian Miracle
The need for the European Union to purchase the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is becoming more urgent every day
16 April 2021
What's Everything That Biden & Putin Have To Discuss?
The American and Russian Presidents have a slew of issues to discuss in the event that they meet in person sometime in the coming future like Biden proposed doing during their last phone conversation, but the most important topics on the itinerary would arguably be strategic security and peacefully resolving the conflicts in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria.
15 April 2021
Poland Must Wake Up To The Threat Of German Hybrid War
Poland has been so focused on defending itself from the threats that it believes emanate from Russia that it's become almost oblivious to the Hybrid War threat posed by Germany, which is arguably among one of the most pressing security concerns for the country considering its ongoing domestic unrest and the grand strategic interests that Berlin has in its outcome.
14 April 2021
Thinking Beyond The Great Reset To The Unthinkable
Has anyone got a conspiracy theory I can borrow, mine have all come true?
08 April 2021
Why Does Ukraine Want War?
Ukraine wants war with Russia due to a combination of domestic and international factors, but such a scenario would be disastrous for the Eastern European country and only serve the interests of some members of the political elite and their foreign patrons.
08 April 2021
Are Vaccines The Real Driving Force Behind The Latest Donbass Destabilization?
Observers are in a passionate debate over what's really driving the latest Donbass destabilization, with the most prominent hypotheses being either domestic Ukrainian politics or the US' regional geostrategic ambitions, but the argument can also compellingly be made that the concept of so-called “vaccine nationalism” is playing a largely under-discussed role in events.
06 April 2021
Now's The Perfect Time For Global Cyberspace & Pandemic Treaties
There are a multitude of problems that require multilateral solutions which have hitherto remained unresolved due to the lack of the political will and trust that are needed to make progress on them.
02 April 2021
These Six Megaprojects Are Poised To Turn Poland Into A Regional Economic Powerhouse
Poland is poised to become a regional economic powerhouse upon the successful completion of six megaprojects: the Baltic Ring rail corridor, Świnoujście deepwater port, Vistula Spit Canal, E40 waterway, Central Communication Port, and Via Carpathia highway network.
01 April 2021
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