22 March 2023
The Strategic Consequences Of A Possible French Military Intervention In Mozambique
A publicly available expert-level newsletter on Mozambique news reports and clippings from the middle of May predicts that France might launch a limited military intervention in northern Mozambique's Cabo Delgado Province in order to protect the offshore energy deposits of its national champion Total, which necessitates an analysis of such a move's strategic consequences if it does indeed come to pass.
19 May 2021
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Can Strengthen Relations Between Palestine & Russia
According to experts, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum not only strengthens Russia's mediation efforts to overcome the existing problems in Palestine, but can also serve as a basis for mobilizing Palestinian economic factions, turning them into a powerful instrument of international influence.
05 May 2021
Australia Escalated The Hybrid War On BRI At America's Behest
The Quad is against China in all respects, especially when it comes to military and economic affairs. Canberra's canceling of Victoria's two BRI agreements is therefore consistent with this unstated but increasingly obvious strategy.
04 May 2021
The EU Parliament's Anti-Russian Resolution Is Dangerous
Russia is a major world power, and if the EU can attempt to bully it in such a dangerous way, then there's nothing stopping the bloc from doing the same to comparatively weaker countries.
30 April 2021
Does Biden Want To Keep Ukraine As A Personal Fiefdom?
It is very hard to say just how many business assets in Ukraine are actually controlled by US Democrats. And if we assume that in exchange for political support Biden and his entourage handed out lucrative contracts to local businessmen under their control, then the situation for the US leader looks absolutely critical.
20 April 2021
Debunking Bloomberg: Biden's Afghan Withdrawal Isn't A Blow To China
It was hyperbole for Ghosh to claim that 'Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Is A Blow To China'. It might only be so in the worst-case scenario, which is far from certain.
20 April 2021
The US-Russian Sanctions War: Symbolic, Substantive, Or Strategic?
The recently intensified “sanctions war” between the US and Russia has made many observers wonder whether this escalation is symbolic, substantive, or strategic.
17 April 2021
The New Russian Miracle
The need for the European Union to purchase the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is becoming more urgent every day
16 April 2021
Here's A List Of The US' Top Failures In Afghanistan
The US' War on Afghanistan spectacularly failed to accomplish anything positive of significance.
16 April 2021
Are Vaccines The Real Driving Force Behind The Latest Donbass Destabilization?
Observers are in a passionate debate over what's really driving the latest Donbass destabilization, with the most prominent hypotheses being either domestic Ukrainian politics or the US' regional geostrategic ambitions, but the argument can also compellingly be made that the concept of so-called “vaccine nationalism” is playing a largely under-discussed role in events.
06 April 2021
Lavrov's Trip To South Asia Is A Major Event
Russia will reinforce its traditional relations with India while continuing to pioneer its new partnership with Pakistan.
05 April 2021
These Six Megaprojects Are Poised To Turn Poland Into A Regional Economic Powerhouse
Poland is poised to become a regional economic powerhouse upon the successful completion of six megaprojects: the Baltic Ring rail corridor, Świnoujście deepwater port, Vistula Spit Canal, E40 waterway, Central Communication Port, and Via Carpathia highway network.
01 April 2021
The Struggle For An Independent And Free Macedonia
Reporting from the Republic of Macedonia, the majority of the people still reject the new name North Macedonia, forced upon the people by the EU, Greece and NATO. Photo: Sonja van den Ende: Skopje.
31 March 2021
Biden's Grand Strategy Is Delusional And Dangerous
The Biden Administration continues to push its delusional and dangerous grand strategy, which doesn't even serve the US' own interests but just the short-term narrow ones of a certain segment of its economic and political elite.
31 March 2021
Secretary Of State Blinken Won't Succeed In Breaking Chinese-EU Bonds
The continual improvement of Chinese-EU relations is irreversible since it embodies the driving force of history, particularly as it relates to the inevitable integration of the Eurasian supercontinent as an outcome of the emerging Multipolar World Order.
29 March 2021
The Rise Of The Eurasian Century
China, India, Pakistan, and Russia all share the same goal of improving connectivity between them and their many partners, with their visions increasingly converging in light of the latest events.
25 March 2021
China And Russia Are Jointly Leading A Real-Life Justice League
Before the world's eyes, a real-life Justice League is quickly emerging, jointly led by China and Russia.
24 March 2021
Lavrov Authoritatively Debunked The Fake News About Russian-'Israeli' Relations
Wednesday's press conference in Moscow between the Russian and “Israeli” Foreign Ministers authoritatively debunked the rampant fake news that's been virally spreading throughout the Alt-Media Community for years about the true nature of their bilateral relations, which remain excellent despite consistent efforts from some influential forces to misportray them as rivals for reasons that only such individuals can account for if publicly but politely challenged by their audience to do so.
19 March 2021
Provoking A Russian Siege Mentality Is Counterproductive For US Foreign Policy
Leading Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov warned that the US is pursuing the aim of a “prolonged siege of 'Putin's Russia'” through “sanctions from hell”, “push[ing] Ukraine into a new war in the Donbass”, and “building up the armed forces on the borders with Russia and in the Black Sea”, all of which would arguably be counterproductive for US foreign policy since Russia's resultant siege mentality might only accelerate the steps that the Eurasian Great Power could soon take to contain America in response.
16 March 2021
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