22 March 2023
The Strategic Consequences Of A Possible French Military Intervention In Mozambique
A publicly available expert-level newsletter on Mozambique news reports and clippings from the middle of May predicts that France might launch a limited military intervention in northern Mozambique's Cabo Delgado Province in order to protect the offshore energy deposits of its national champion Total, which necessitates an analysis of such a move's strategic consequences if it does indeed come to pass.
19 May 2021
Fake News Alert: Russia & Turkey Are Not Sending Peacekeepers To Palestine
Turkish President Erdogan's disclosure that he proposed dispatching a peacekeeping force to Palestine during this week's talks with his Russian counterpart has been misconstrued by many in the Alt-Media Community as implying an impending mission to the Holy Land, but that's nothing more than fake news since the topic was only brought up for soft power purposes and no such joint operation is seriously being planned.
14 May 2021
Interpreting Russia's Approach To The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Russia's perfectly balanced approach might not win it plaudits from either side, but it's nevertheless the most pragmatic stance that any foreign party could take if they desire to maintain equally excellent relations with all players in West Asia.
14 May 2021
Why Did The US & Turkey Quarrel?
Washington continues to insist that Turkey abandon the acquisition of Russian S-400 systems. And, apparently, the Joe Biden administration intends to use the existing "trump card" to increase pressure on Recep Erdogan.
13 May 2021
Russia Is Seriously Concerned About US Biolabs In Former Soviet States
Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev told Sputnik earlier this week that the US is secretly developing biological weapons in some of the biolabs that it funds all across the world, building upon previous accusations that he made in the past regarding the danger that such facilities in former Soviet states pose to his country and the rest of the world more broadly.
13 May 2021
Why The Third Palestinian Intifada Had To Happen
A young Palestinian woman carrying the flag of Palestine during the Great March of Return, which was actually already the start of the third intifada.
12 May 2021
Israel's Aggressive Actions Are Indefensible
The 'Israeli'-provoked violence is deplorable enough as it is since it was started by the Jewish State's aggressive colonial ambitions against the occupied Palestinian people in complete contradiction of international law but was made even worse by the fact that it's occurring right before the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr that commemorates the end of Ramadan.
12 May 2021
Why's The WHO Silent About Myanmarese Doctors Abandoning COVID-19 To Become Rebels?
The World Health Organization's (WHO) silence about Myanmarese doctors abandoning their front line roles in fighting COVID-19 in order to pick up arms and fight against their own military instead proves that the globalist body is practicing double standards with respect to its own narrative about the pandemic in order to achieve geostrategic objectives.
11 May 2021
What Explains The Latest De-Escalation In Donbass?
The latest de-escalation in Donbass is attributable to Russia's resoluteness in refusing to fall into the US' Hybrid War trap of launching an all-out military intervention there in support of its legal interests while nevertheless flexing its muscles in this respect by sending the signal that it reserves the right to deliver a crushing strike in defense of its border and/or citizens if they're seriously threatened.
24 April 2021
Chad: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same?
The reported killing of long-serving Chadian leader Idriss Deby at the hands of his country's latest rebel group and subsequent imposition of a military transitional government were thought by some to herald long-overdue change in this geostrategically pivotal state, yet it might very well be that nothing will end up changing all that much since such a scenario could result in France losing control of one of its top regional allies if that happens.
23 April 2021
Why's The West Covering Up The Foiled Belarusian Coup Attempt?
President Putin used the global attention afforded to him during his annual address to the Federal Assembly on Wednesday to raise widespread awareness of the Belarusian coup attempt that his security services helped foil last weekend but which has since been mostly ignored by the Western Mainstream Media.
22 April 2021
The Russian-Taliban Bounty Conspiracy Theory: Postmortem
The recent revelation that the US Intelligence Community only ever had 'low to moderate confidence' in last summer's sensational claims that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban for every American soldier that they killed prompts observers to reflect on the lessons that can be learned from this debunked conspiracy theory.
21 April 2021
Armenian Patriots Attack NATO
Recently, the growing civil hatred resulted in a street attack on the former director of the NATO Information Center in Armenia, Ara Tadevosyan.
20 April 2021
Does Biden Want To Keep Ukraine As A Personal Fiefdom?
It is very hard to say just how many business assets in Ukraine are actually controlled by US Democrats. And if we assume that in exchange for political support Biden and his entourage handed out lucrative contracts to local businessmen under their control, then the situation for the US leader looks absolutely critical.
20 April 2021
Debunking Bloomberg: Biden's Afghan Withdrawal Isn't A Blow To China
It was hyperbole for Ghosh to claim that 'Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Is A Blow To China'. It might only be so in the worst-case scenario, which is far from certain.
20 April 2021
The Road To War
Western Europeans are barely getting any information about the very dangerous situation which has emerged. Similarities can be seen with WWII and the hybrid war, which are on the point of escalating into a full blown European or World War that may soon start in Ukraine.
19 April 2021
Here's A List Of The US' Top Failures In Afghanistan
The US' War on Afghanistan spectacularly failed to accomplish anything positive of significance.
16 April 2021
What's Everything That Biden & Putin Have To Discuss?
The American and Russian Presidents have a slew of issues to discuss in the event that they meet in person sometime in the coming future like Biden proposed doing during their last phone conversation, but the most important topics on the itinerary would arguably be strategic security and peacefully resolving the conflicts in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria.
15 April 2021
Poland Must Wake Up To The Threat Of German Hybrid War
Poland has been so focused on defending itself from the threats that it believes emanate from Russia that it's become almost oblivious to the Hybrid War threat posed by Germany, which is arguably among one of the most pressing security concerns for the country considering its ongoing domestic unrest and the grand strategic interests that Berlin has in its outcome.
14 April 2021
Is Khodorkovsky Behind The Claims Of Russian Death Squads In The Central African Republic?
A group of UN experts claimed at the end of March that they've received startling reports about Russian death squads ravaging the Central African Republic, but considering the fact that a shadowy network of information warriors backed by infamous former oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been actively spreading fake news about their homeland's military involvement in that country for the past few years already, it can't be discounted that the global body has been misled as part of the latest phase of the West's Hybrid War on Russia.
12 April 2021
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