22 March 2023
Kiev’s Weaponization Of False Flag Conspiracy Theories Further Discredits Its Cause
No reasonable observer can be expected to believe that Russia would bomb its own nuclear power plant together with flooding the same region that just reunified with it, not to mention depriving Crimea’s residents of water and thus immediately inflicting a massive humanitarian crisis on its own people. For these obvious reasons, Kiev’s weaponization of false flag conspiracy theories and the Golden Billion’s efforts to extend credence to its proxy’s unsubstantiated speculation only further discredits their cause among the billions of people in the Global South.
21 October 2022
The Latest Round Of Chadian Unrest Poses The Greatest Challenge To France’s “Sphere Of Influence”
The fall of Chad's French-backed military junta would be a watershed event not just for its region, but for the entire continent as a whole. In fact, it could even ultimately deal a deathblow to the neo-imperial hegemonic concept of “Françafrique”.
21 October 2022
Neocolonial Lessons To Consider As The UNSC Prepares To Vote On Haiti
There is disagreement on the UNSC as to how to proceed on the Haitian situation as it is not as simple and clear cut as it may seem to the casual observer to know who is who and what the different factions want and which are working together.
21 October 2022
Shehbaz Sharif Politicized International Flood Aid To Pakistan Due To His Fear Of Losing Power
The post-modern coup leader's warning can be interpreted as a cry for help to his backers in the Golden Billion that his time in power might soon be coming to an end unless they send billions’ worth of aid very soon.
21 October 2022
The Golden Billion’s Brouhaha Over Iranian Drones In Ukraine Has Backfired
The lesson to be learned is that poorly thought-out propaganda campaigns can easily backfire, which was predictable in the analyzed case.
20 October 2022
It’s Important To Clarify Misperceptions About India’s Policy Towards The South Caucasus
The trend of South Asian rivals India and Pakistan comprehensively expanding relations with South Caucasus rivals Armenia and Azerbaijan naturally invites speculation about each of these four countries’ motives, especially considering the military dimension that’s front and center in each pair of partnerships.
19 October 2022
There’s Nothing Wrong With China Defending Itself With Military Force
Faced with the objectively existing and easily verifiable national security threats posed by the US’ tacit support of separatism in Taiwan in collusion with a few local collaborators, it makes perfect sense why President Xi said that China will never promise to renounce the use of force for defending itself.
18 October 2022
Why Does The International Community Erroneously Understand The Northern Ethiopian Conflict?
TPLF is Regionalizing the ‘Northern Conflict.’
18 October 2022
Latin America & The Caribbean At The United Nations On Russian Annexations
The votes, abstentions and absentees were very interesting and evidence of genuine international resistance as Russia has the support of its multipolar partners such as China and India to abstain from voting.
18 October 2022
It Took One Sentence For The BBC To Discredit Two Years Of Lies About The “Tigray Genocide”
According to the BBC, there’s apparently such a surplus of food available in the regional capital of Mekelle that residents have enough not only to stockpile for themselves, but to also to give (whether under coercion or voluntarily) to the terrorist-designated TPLF. This factual observation leads to several other “politically incorrect” ones that collectively contribute to discrediting the false allegations of a so-called “genocide” in Tigray Region even more than they’ve already been.
18 October 2022
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