22 March 2023
Kissinger’s Prediction About A Forthcoming Policy Recalibration By China Is Probably Correct
Keeping in mind China’s grand strategic vulnerability at the moment, remembering the economic blackmail that the US is exerting to deter it from violating the anti-Russian sanctions, and considering their shared interests in reversing (or at least decelerating) those newly unleashed processes that are poised to bring an end to the bi-multipolar order from which they both benefit the most, a high degree of credence can thus be extended to Kissinger’s prediction of an improvement in Chinese-US ties.
05 October 2022
Debunking CNN’s Latest Disinformation That India Is “Propping Up Putin’s Regime”
The reality is that the entire course of International Relations has irreversibly shifted due to the black swan event of India decisively playing the aforementioned role with respect to Russia, which in turn neutralized the “Thucydides Trap” scenario by creating the systemic conditions that arguably derailed China’s superpower trajectory.
05 October 2022
GZERO Media’s USG-Financed Experts Are Wrong About The US Seeking To “Balance” South Asia
Far from trying to “balance” South Asia, the US is actively seeking to destabilize it by speeding up the region’s grand strategic reorientation that it envisages resulting in Pakistan’s transformation from the “Zipper of Eurasia” for facilitating multipolarity to the “Faultline of Eurasia” for obstructing it.
03 October 2022
Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Focuses On The Struggle For Democracy Against The Deep State
The New Cold War is all about autocracy versus democracy like the US claims, but true to fashion, the leader of the Golden Billion lies in a Goebbels-like way to flip everyone’s roles by falsely presenting itself and its vassals as the beacons of democracy while its geostrategic opponents are all smeared as autocracies. The reality is that the Russian-inspired Global South is where true democracy still exists while the deep state-hijacked Golden Billion is where the world’s autocratic-totalitarian threats all truly come from.
03 October 2022
The West Is Discrediting NATO’s Article 5 By Claiming That Russia Blew Up Nord Stream
The twisted version of events implied by this weaponized narrative suggests that the Kremlin can destroy partially NATO-owned infrastructure with impunity, which exposes the bloc as a paper tiger.
02 October 2022
It Was A Surprisingly Wise Move By The West Not To Fast-Track Ukraine’s NATO Membership
Their rejection is a major soft power embarrassment for the Ukrainian leader, who failed to marshal any meaningful response to Russia’s reunification with its historical region of Novorossiya.
02 October 2022
India Just Discredited All Those Who Falsely Claimed That It’s Turning Against Russia
In hindsight, what unfolded over the past weeks in the global information space can be described as an information warfare campaign aimed at sowing the seeds of suspicion between the societies of these special and privileged strategic partners.
02 October 2022
The Main Things About Mobilization Process In Russia
What is important to emphasize is that 60-70% of mobilized people will never reach front zone. And they understand it. They will be sent in new reserve regiments that will change regular troops somewhere in Estonian or Chinese border, and regular troops from this place will be send to frontline.
02 October 2022
Ukraine & The Balkans
Today, the Western policymakers made a crucial mistake with Russia as thinking this is the same state as it was in the 1990s during the wars of the Yugoslav succession.
02 October 2022
The Ukrainian Conflict Might Have Already Derailed China’s Superpower Trajectory
With the structural basis of China’s grand strategy immensely destabilized by the consequences of that conflict with respect to the Golden Billion’s artificially manufactured food and fuel crises across the Global South risking profound socio-political unrest there across the coming future that threatens BRI’s prospects, paired with India and Russia’s newly strengthened strategic autonomy as well as Moscow’s increasingly indispensable security-stabilization role in developing countries that complements its newfound soft power (revolutionary) one, Beijing’s superpower trajectory arguably appears untenable.
01 October 2022