22 March 2023
Vladimir Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Will Forever Change Global Politics
President Putin is taking up the mantle of Lenin in modern-day international conditions without any ideological agenda other than promoting multipolarity, sovereignty, and traditional values.
01 October 2022
Could New Indian 5G Technology Replace Russia’s Reportedly Stalled Chinese Partnership?
As it stands, Russia’s been forced into a very difficult position. Its 5G dreams were dashed after Chinese companies reportedly got cold feet, yet India can’t immediately replace them as partners of choice since it’s only just rolling out its own technology whose quality has yet to be ascertained as compared to its competitors.
30 September 2022
Pakistan Is Far Behind Afghanistan & India When It Comes To Non-Dollar Trade With Russia
One can only imagine how far ahead Pakistan could have been instead had its former premier not been ousted, but the fact of the matter is that this country went from being a regional leader in pioneering relations with Russia to a regional anomaly in less than half a year.
30 September 2022
What Does China Really Want?
Until and unless China drastically increases its power projection and capacities to capably challenge America's power structure right until its doorstep, it will remain secondary to Washington's military supremacy and dominance for the next century at least. It presents a new quandary, where Beijing has the economic and momentum of volume and size, but to be a staying power, it requires a whole new ball game of values and conviction of principles to both persuade and enforce.
30 September 2022
Attack On Nord Stream
If Berlin wants to warm the people of Germany, he now has no alternative but to urgently put pressure on Ukraine and Poland, reduce the intensity of anti-Russian rhetoric and somehow end the war. After all, after the sabotage at the Nord Stream, the leadership of Germany does not have the opportunity to conclude a “behind-the-scenes gas deal” with the Kremlin.
30 September 2022
America’s Neo-Imperialist Pressure On Sudan Exposes Its True Intentions Towards Africa
The planned Russian naval base in Port Sudan would unprecedentedly deepen military relations between Moscow and Khartoum, thus helping the host state more confidently resist Washington’s pressure in all respects, especially when it comes to being manipulated into a mutually detrimental war with Ethiopia.
30 September 2022
Response to Alastair Newman
Alastair Newman is an economist from South Africa. He sent me an email message in response to my Sep. 6 article on Oneworld titled "The Crisis of Success in the United States." This is my reply.
30 September 2022
US Officials’ Plot To Pit China & India Against Russia Is Doomed To Fail
It's unrealistic to expect either of them to agree to US officials’ latest divide-and-rule plot, which is aimed at sowing the seeds of distrust between Russia and each of its top Asian Great Power partners simultaneously with manipulating its public’s perceptions per America’s self-admitted infowar against that newly restored world power.
30 September 2022
Fake News Alert: Russia Isn’t Targeting Jewish Pilgrims In Ukraine With Iranian Suicide Drones
There’s no chance that Israeli policymakers will fall for this provocation, but it might still mislead some casual news consumers who don’t know the facts about their strategic partnership, nor appreciate the mutual benefits inherent in maintaining their close ties in spite of incessant American and Ukrainian meddling.
30 September 2022
Kosovo & Metochia: Who Was Suppressing Whom?
The older Albanian generations, aware of the historicity of their non-Albanian neighbors and cultural heritage it implies, are reluctant to mix with the human environment. The young generations, on their part, rising with the meteoric speed in number, experience the rest of the non-Albanian urban population as an unpleasant perturbation.
29 September 2022